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Tiny House mama SHop


Do you ever walk into a space and are just like, I love it all?


All the items sold at Tiny House Mama are things I'd have in my own home, incorporate into my life and of course lather and soak on my own body. That was the intention behind Tiny House Mama Beauty+Goods. I am such a sucker for the little and not so little indulgences in life.

The carefully curated and hand-selected items that range from a selection of vintage Moroccan rugs, pillows, stunning paper goods,  handmade locally sourced and beautifully scented + locally made soaps and beauty products that will have you swooning from the scent.  We also proudly share a space with Heri Furniture which means you can browse their work and meet Stephen Redlich.

I love meeting and having people come and experience my space, check out the goods, please drop by and say hello.


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