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As an interior stylist, I have never really found myself bound by rules or what is on trend. I have always loved to blur the lines between modern, classic, farmhouse and boho. I am a huge believer in filling your space with things you love, as oppose to something that would just "work". This makes a space continue representing you and your life over time as oppose to just following fashion. I would probably sum up my personal style, with an all white backdrop and lots of fun colour. I have a little one and even before he was a part of the picture I would still gravitate towards kitschy and playful home accessories.

I am very drawn to family homes and incorporating children into our spaces as oppose to just tucking them away in the basement, because lets be honest, they are here to stay! This means looking at ways to evolve your space and home with a growing family in mind. I like to have fun with my rooms, definitely some kitch thrown in there, and I also love blending styles and eras, bringing in beautiful raw pieces to a clean modern home, or rocking a good old farmhouse with updated and more modern elements. My motto is you don’t have to follow one style and stick to it, having a nice range creates a real personalized feel as well as more interest. it also allows spaces to be interchangeable over time, as your family changes and evolves, so can your home.


Design and Styling Services available for hire on an hourly rate.