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Tiny House Mama

A small flowered building set in the middle of Toronto’s east Chinatown is a collaborative space that houses Tiny House Mama Beauty + Goods. This curated front shop is a collection of Stacey Lipstein's passions brought to life: beautifully bespoke hand crafted pieces by Heri Furniture who has both a showroom and workshop in the same building, a collection of Vintage Moroccan rugs sourced directly from Morocco, velvet round pillows, gorgeous paper goods to fit every occasion, millennial pink ceramics made in Montreal. A small smattering of must-have beautifully crafted jewellery, as well as beauty goods locally foraged and produced. And of course the simple turquoise hair chair that services clients during operating hours. This place truly is a collaborative space bringing all my passions to life at Tiny House Mama Design+Beauty. Come, sit, visit, shop, and enjoy.


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